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and hours in the field, with a team of folks who made liberal use of students from san francisco stay and berkeley. secondly we had a lot of emphasis on -- if you will, again information with the task force. so we could come up with interesting analysis, but we wanted to make sure that people experienced that in their real lives of it's not always the case that data is accurate. people know for more and lastly we used visualization and mapping. spreadsheets and documents just don't work and you have to create pictures and that was an informative part of that approach. it was a fun process and we enjoyed it very much. others took over after i was gone and i hope you see it was very informative to the plan. i will introduce the next speaker. >> thank you, peter. i'm john, the ceo of tyco, and trying to maximize the affordable housing for its resides and communities. i want to address finally the likely outcomes in about over the next 20 years, if you adopt this rezoning. what will actually happen in the real world? this is a major upzoning. both residential and commercial. it incre
approved and that does not make good land use sense of we want the west soma radmx to work well with the new housing and showplace. and i know radmx is not protecting existing residential uses because many of the proposed sites that are medmx are parking lots and light enough use. pearces with currently uses are zoned along 7th street between -- excuse me, along 7th between th and bluxom to make it more contiguous. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i earn half my income as a piano player and i probably played in every single club, including paradise lounge. i move to that area with the hope i would be closer to the places i play. i think it's important to remember i moved into the neighborhood and knew what the noise would be. it should not be possible for those moving in complaining about the noise that is going on as existing. thank you. >> thank you, mr. wick. thank you for being here. >> supervisors my name is vlad coug, the owner and operator of the butter bar. i wanted to first thank you all for being open and conscientious of entertainment in s
's degree in transportation planning and land use planning. what paul gave me was a detector to figure out when planning is coming at me and when they are lieing? when i think we have done is pushed the boundaries, where we have done the best deal that the planning would introduce to the commission of the plan had conditions. they wouldn't let it be a completely citizen-driven process. supervisor wiener talking about funding for various impact fees we tried to push the limits by create a new way to get more benefits from the developers, and then having developers complete with extra benefits to ensure that the community get more, leveraging scarcity for benefit. when planning and the mayor pull all the politic strings and the task force has burned-out, it's not kosher. i think the win is saving the residential enclase district. by the same token, we don't want to mix the uses. so on folsom street, why allow more entertainment on folsom street? we need more of the seattle-based models to allow residents to have primary stake holder status in determining the out come of the communities bec
, but it is a good opportunity for us as a city. in terms of the opposition, you have some folks who oppose the project as a whole. i totally respect that opposition. people are entitled to that view, but i think it's important, if you oppose a project just to say that you oppose the project instead of sometimes coming up with reasons to oppose a particular aspects of it. just say you aoppose the project that. is legitimate. i happen to disagree, but i think it's important for folks to say where they are coming from. i am sympathetic to the businesses that will be impacted and every time we do major infrastructure work that in the long run will be hugely beneficial for the city or a neighborhood, sometimes there is disruption and we try to mine minimize that and do everything that we can to minimize the disruption. i believe this plan compared to other proposals does. >> it's using muni funds for expanding muni and improving transit service. and i would encourage the folks who have sent in those letters, i and others have been fighting some pretty big battles recently to actually try to s
in the office because other than cracking my roommate over the head i have no use for it at home. >> all right. any items for the next agenda? >> seeing none, i move to adjourn. >> good morning. i will call this meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee to order. i am scott wiener the chairman of the committee and to my left is supervisor david chiu, member of the committee and madame clerk, are there any announcements? >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices, and documents included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted uponed to will apea on the march 5th board of supervisors' agendas unless otherwise stated. >> i want to acknowledge and thank sfgovtv, who are broadcasting today's meeting. before we start i want for anyone who is here watching in terms of what is i think going to happen today. this meeting was noticed for 10:00 a.m. however there are two items, excuse me, there are five items, items 2-6 that we will take up at 1:30 p.m. so we will be calling item no. 1 now, and at
francisco state university interns who are spending the spring with us. so if you could all please stand. rebecca, who is working in our trails program. lisa, who is going to work in early childhood education and marisa in permits and kelly in the marina and david working in city services. joshua in sports and athleticks and jackie, who is going to be working with ana alvarez. this is the fourth year, i think, fourth or fifth year that we have blessed with a great partnership with san francisco university and we have been blessed with a talented group of interns who are majors in parks recreation and tourism academic concentration at san francisco state. it's a very competitive program and we have an incredibly talented class this year and i know that already. many san francisco state interns have gone on to work with us in our department. so it's a great workforce training opportunity and we are thrilled to have you. so welcome to our commission meeting. so it was just a few short months ago we were saying merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year and then it was onto a super b
on the non-conforming use controls. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is janet clyde and my name was called in error in the previous item or you would have had my speaker card. i am a former small business commissioner and i'm here to speak on a couple of things that i heard this afternoon. the first is that i would like to congratulate the work of the western soma task force and i hear that arts are principally permitted throughout the district. i would like to have you consider the llp as a low-impact usage. i was one of the first proponents of this new permit and it was not in existence during much of the creation of the western soma plan. so i think performing arts and this limited accessory use is important, because in order for very small businesses to succeed, we need to give them the tools to succeed. so please look at that. the other thing that i heard was this is an historic opportunity to exclude housing in a principally permitted entertainment district. i know this is a very difficult decision, but it's a very important one, because i have
more information on where we can reside if there is going to be a ban completely exile us out of the city, but now that i am hearing what is going on that the programs are trying to find places for us i will try to find out a little bit more. i appreciate you guys doing what you can, but having a ban -- i know it's more of industrial vehicles that are being a problem than rv's, but i know a lot of the homeless people they recycle and some people don't clean up after themselves. they leave big messes and i think us being in rv's we try to contain our habitation. we have our bathroom for sanitation reasons. there is no really -- you know what? this is an idea for you guys to have more bathrooms or like out houses in some areas -- >> thank you. >> for sanitary reasons -- >> thank you. >> because a lot of the businesses won't allow to you walk in. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you. >> hello. my name is isaac and i just have a couple of things that are on my mind. i was just wondering why -- okay. so the city is trying to fix the hom
number of parks now that are getting those low scores. and that is quite an achievement for us. on the change column, a little bit to the left, you will see that the margin of scores that changed from last year is somewhat small. we think most of the scores are insignificant statistically and the big point that we can see from the chart is almost all of the psas are able to approach or are well-above the 85% threshold we aim for. what we're trying to do for the public, of course, is to present outcomes that they can appreciate. you know, to provide parks that have great facilities, and so when we do our park evaluations we break them out into 14 features. these are the various aspects of the park the benchs, the children's play areas, hard scapes, lawns, that really denote the various types of maintenance and types of experiences that the users have. again they have been very stable. the changes since the last year are fairly small. and over the time you can see that the department is has really different focus to the area s where there is high use, the gardens, restrooms, ath
numbers and you provided us with 900 folsom street as one of the examples. and the numbers that we see here in terms of the transit and public realm improvements, for example pedestrian safety. it would reduce from 1.25 million to $836,000 for a change of approximately $417,000? >> that is correct. the example we provide sade d is a development that is approved and under construction. it was a good project to use as an example and pull the numbers from. those are the numbers that would be generated. >> so that is almost slightly less than $500,000 reduction in transit impact fees. if you extrapolate that out, times it by 13 and obviously different projects range in size. some might be larger than that, some might be smaller. i calculate that as being approximately a reduction of $6 million in transit, ped safety impact fees and it's actually an overall reduction of $13 million, including open space impact fees as well. about $6 million of that would come from transit and transit-related impact fees. >> the only thing i'm not sure about there is we would have to look at the developme
a different type of use and just out of respect for that conversation i was going to wait off and on that grand fathering issue. we have a second grand fathering issue on the academy of arts, which is on townsend street. and this would grandfather in the cu application and not of the use itself. i was going to ask planning some questions about that, but i wanted to go through the outstanding issues first. the second outstanding issue is the reducing the flexibility for historic buildings. this was a recommendation made by planning. i am going honor planning's recommendation regarding this. while there are a number of buildings historic on their on, if you look at the number contributing, it's an incredible number within the west soma plan and i don't think that was the intention of the plan to allow such greater flexibility for such a great proportion of buildings. so i will support planning's recommendation. what chair wiener brought up is increased inclusionary housing fees. those are that are half an acre or more. again this is consistent with eastern neighborhoods. the p
. being in the exploratorium space next year had will allow us to try out some different kinds of lessons, experiences, learn experiences for our students and bring some of those idea s back after our renovations are complete. we have been looking for how to create that space and if we're able to occupy the exploratorium it would really fill a need for our skill that has been around a long time. in addition to developing our students intellectually through academic programs and inquiry learning experiences we're committed to developing the socioemotional skills for our students. we want students to develop into empathetic and caring individuals. we're committed to being excellent stewards of the exploratorium site, preserving the outdoor spaces for public use and provide something use for the public as required in the lease; of the internal space as well. and again, we're very, very excited with the possibility of this lease being approved and we very much hope that happens today. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm a student at town school.
restaurant. or are these just people that you are associated with randomly that you are now going to use as a community out reach? >> i did not say anything about the permit. i just walked in and i said i would like to do something for you guys for your organization. and if you can, let me know if you have some events going on and i would like to provide you with food, meals or something like that. no, whatever, in terms of... now, no that was not said. >> all right. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> so, the reason why i question and again, it goes by responsibility of owners. since i am industry and we get hit like you say you have a spokesperson but the buck stops with you because you are the owner. and because the sign situation just got rectified only a couple of weeks ago, or last week, i mean that already shows neglect for me. and for you not to even do the electrical inspection or the dbi to go through, which we all do to get permits, to me it sounds like you stick your thumb up to what we are trying to enforce here. i mean we tried to give you an opportunity to comply, and it tak
to park on some san francisco streets but it gives us an additional tool to address the issues related to over night parking of large vehicles on a focused location specific basis. these -- some of these locations have resulted in some negative impacts from parking over night vehicles -- over night large sized vehicles and that's what we're attempting to address. i also want to refresh your memory. we did a sampling of the neighborhoods in the city prior to the legislation being considered and over 450 type of vehicles that far in this classification we found that 42% of them were motor homes but more importantly over 50% of them consist of trucks and buss and trailers so this legislation will also capture those types of vehicles and it's very important because i think a lot of our -- the concerns that we received from the neighborhoods were for those vehicles being warehoused on the city streets, and from our survey we also found those vehicles that are out on the street that we sample 60% of them actually were registered with san francisco addresses, and of those only 20% are withi
're extremely happy to have the baby with us and look forward to him being on exhibit at some time later. public viewing is unknown at this time, but we'll annouce it on the website. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this item. being none, public comment is closed. thank you we are on item 7 the open space contingency reserve funds 2012 bond project preparation services. >> thank you margaret. >> you are welcome. >> good morning commissioners, general manager, dan mauer with the capital division. the item before you today here is for your approval to appropriate and extend funs in amount of $670,000 from the open space contingency reserve funds. as presented at the capital committee, these funds are intended to help jump-start the 2012 bond program by doing some investigation work and some other upfront studies for seven of our capital projects that are on the front-end of our schedule. in your packages you will see those facilities listed. i won't read through them here, but essentially the funds will be used for topographic surveys, geote
proposition c was passed which requires us also to review and provide input for the city services auditor and also the whistle blower program. we have nine appointed members, and they're appointed -- over here on the left hand side are the names of the members. we have the vice chair john [inaudible] in the audience. some of us are appointed by board of supervisors, one by the mayor, and one by the civil grand jury and two by the controller and in my case i will be leaving the citizen's general obligation bond oversight committee shortly and i would urge another small business person if possible. my particular role is being active in a business organization. i think it would be great to have another small business person that comes into this role. so some of the things that we did this year we changed the frequency of our meetings from four times a year to six times a year, and we did that because we felt we didn't have enough time to address the bonds. i believe it's up over $2 billion in bonds which is a lot of money and a lot of responsibility and we thought more frequent meeting
cycle. so i want to ask staff to come back to us with a proposal and tell you how this change of from a that 3 person committee to 4 person committee. i'm thinking about march 18th. we might have to agree to a special meeting. i don't know if we want to comment on my suggestion on asking staff to come back to us with this new meeting with the possible timeline >> it's an extremely save schedule. one of the it's not was not only to get somebody on board the n gining of the fiscal year. but the staff can actually go head and seem like the deal with a recruiter. one of the things we want to do is direct staff to come forward with a special board meeting before especially, if we want this 5 board committee to meet. however, we don't anticipate this meeting to be closed sessions. >> okay. so you're saying in order to look at expanding for you to provided input we have to have a special meeting on that? why can't we have a regular board meeting >> if it's okay that the two board members sit in on the committee even though their not members of the committee then we could ask the committ
, but they need well-defined details as well. there is subdistrict called sali, which used to be ten blocks that follows bryant from 12th to 5th and as written design professionals are excluded from that area. design professionals include architects, engineers, graphic designers and landscape architects. for many reasons, i really believe we should be included as a principal use. what we do as architects is not very different from arts activity or pdr. we build models, that is pdr, if there ever was one. we're essentially an arts activity and we're supporters of it. our staff goes to art openings within two or three blocks i meet with sheet metal shops. i meet with furniture producers on what we're designing. and we're just good neighbors. we're also part of pioneering this, thank you. >> thank you, mr. smith. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is caroline -- [speaker not understood] i am here on behalf of our client, flared diversified properties to discuss a proposed well-reasoned amendment. you should have already received copies of the proposed amendment, but i have additionals
is a pittance, instead of them sharing a fee for abandoning us. i don't think the property owners who are the minoritis in this city need to be burdened with anticipated discussions with parcel taxes or park improvement districts or another bond. we all have is to share the wealth of the city and i think i want to support you in any way i can, which includes talking to my supervisor and the mayor to get more money in the general fund for parks. it's absolutely ridiculous that we are living with what is it? less than 2% of a multi-billion dollar budget. and i hope you too put that forward in your requests that we need more funding from the general fund. i am really concerned about '14-15 because i have a feeling it's going to be a heck of a lot more than 3.3%. thank you. >> thank you. >> katherine. >> good afternoon commissioners, kather howard sf ocean edge. and i have comments, unlike dennis, i don't think you will like them, but what the heck. we understand that funding is a continuing problem for the department and the department is now invashon island in two le
error. >> sometimes word gets away from us. >> public comment? >> david papal i'm now inquiring if this now exposes all of the shun shine ordinance or recuse for a commission >> there is one out there and there is an additional referral pending. >> sorry if i had anything to do with it. okay. >> otherwise good report and i hope to see additional content in these reports in the future. i will end it there. thank you. >> item for meeting? >> public comments on matters appearing -- public comment? >> it can go in either place. >> i suggest that we have some opportunity to talk at a future meeting about how this went tonight and lessons learned consistent with the list and maybe some procedural stuff. i probably did all kinds of things i shouldn't have done. but, we you feel -- for better or worse we are doing this from time to time and we should figure out how to do it as best we can. >> i'm in all favor of figuring out how we can do this better. >> also i noted in the report that the electronic filing legislation passed and we'll implement that. i don't want to slow it down but if
ordinance task force, i don't think that is before us. although, i think that it is a problem. so i would preliminarily find that there was no violation of 67.26, or 67.21 c. >> for all of the other reasons that we discussed. earlier. >> just to clarify, because this is a hearing under chapter two of the sunshine, you don't have to find a willful violation, this chapter just asks was there a violation? >> well, right, but the and maybe i am looking at the wrong thing, but i am looking at the december 5, 2011, sunshine complaint? and the notification by the task force and says that the task force provides willful failure against ginsberg and sarah ballard. >> right, and just not, i believe that is the task force's long standing practice to forward complaints to you when the task force finds a willful violation, but, that question is not before the ethics commission under chapter two, the only question is whether there was a violation of the ordinance in this case. >> okay. >> what i was looking at was i think that we are all looking at the december 5, documents? where it speaks to willful
. >> thank you. colleagues, i have several items. first i wanted to acknowledge president chiu's asking of us to report on different regional bodies that we sit on. so, the golden gate bridge port, i serve on with great appreciation for the golden gate workers i worked on for a year and a half. i look forward to the leadership of supervisors breed, yee and wiener on the golden gate bridge board. a number of families brought to us at that board was one of the issues that we approved in concept and the 25 million more that's needed to build some barrier to acknowledge the dangers of the golden gate bridge is some of the unfinished business that will be before you. also, the all-electronic tolling that i know that supervisor chiu and others have been working it to educate our community about. it's going to be starting in several weeks. * the human beings that have been the toll takers for years, the district is finding additional jobs and training for them, but it will be all electronic tolling by the end of -- or by early march. i think it's march 1st. also for the bay area government that i've
, she tell us and says that the allegations as stated in mr. baoel's april 25th e-mail to you today i hope that this collar ... clarifies i will send you a copy. i want to read to you who the panel is for, here quickly, one was former director of spur, he was to be the moderator. i think that you may know him. and another one hartwig a published author on the historic preservation and she has a phd under the national trust of historic places with 370,000 members. katherine howard is an urban landscape architect and asla and a former chair of the environmental committee. and the golden gate park preservation. and michael wyans is the director and counselor for the golden gate auto bann society and myself i run several neighborhood groups and i was there to basically give the neighborhood response. and this was, this was the group who was going to be speaking on the fifth of may. it goes on to say, basically, did an investigation on us. because it is the recreation parks' letters and then to satisfied that the panel is well qualified and collectively they do not present a general bias t
is a attorney and he knows not to use a smoking gun at a computing, not only he is adept, he has motive for his actions. he absolutely did not want to a discussion about a controversial decision made by him to be aired in a public forum that he could not control. he knows how to use his influence as a general manager of rec and park to intimidate people. he and others had every intention to cancel or change the format of the planned discussion of the golden gate to be held at the common wealth club, any e-mails were instantly deletes not because of the deep commitment to the record retention policy, but because ginsberg knows that the sunshine law requires disclosures he is not stupid. had it been true that the destruction was implementing the policy and this should have been stated to mr. wooding at the outset. the disclosure that there were once e-mails but they were indeed destroyed according to regulations would have led to the next requirement in the sunshine ordinance which is to assist in referring him to someone who could help him with his records request. miss gong should have referred
deliberately refused to give us that information within the time period required by the sunshine ordinance. it's a willful refusal. he knew it at the time and he decided not to tell us that information. it's a public information request. i don't need to ask for documents. >> yeah. mr. lazar, i have a question for you as well. >> to clarify the public comment is now close. >> public comment is closed an will not be reopened on this matter. i have a question for you. >> why did you run out on the meeting? >> this you for asking. they are correct. i was with the representative and i suffered an asthmatic attack and i had to leave. he left with me. i wrote the next day to the task force apologizing for that and they have my letter on file. >> okay. >> was the item continued to the next month? >> i believe that's what happened. >> did you attend the meeting the following month? >> no. other id the representative attend with the script that i had written and looked at by the city attorney. the same script that would have been read that first month. >> why did you not attend the meeting? >> because i
. the tunnel-boring machinery is just a ruse to use funds to extend the subway beyond its federally -- it's otherwise federally-funded boundaries. the november, 2008 federal document approving this explicitly lists a temporary tunnel for the extraction of the tunnel-boring machines and thus if there are no tunnel-boring machines there will be no tunneling into north beach. however, the city wants to tunnel into northern beach to get a start on the subway that will extend further. this is fine if it would properly plan. i am aware there has been no proper planning on the extension of the subway beyond chinatown, no community meetings on what path it should take and how it would be used. we are starting to build for a future subway without the careful study and approval of what we are going to do. we need a plan before we start digging. so i suggest that somehow we take another look. your job as the planning commission is to take another look at the longer term plan here and ask do we really know what we're doing for long-term subway construction? >> thank you, next speaker. >> good aft
in front of us to really understand the economic impact of today's proposal versus what we had in the legislation coming to us? i want to be able to move the conversation forward and hopefully next week not delay moving this out to the full board. >> if you make the amendment today, you can rescind the amendment and go back to the current language next week without additional. >> why don't we do that? >> okay. i won't be supporting the amendment today, if there are further conversations over the week, that may change, but i hope that my colleagues on board will respect the feelings of the constituents. >> being no further comment, madame clerk will will you call the roll. >> on the plosion of amendments, supervisor chiu? >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> no. >> kim, no. >> supervisor wiener? >> wiener aye. >> there are two ayes and one no. >> that motion passes. [ gavel ] >> then i guess regarding the final peace on grandfathering, is it better for us to take the amendments today and rescind them the following week as we get more information? i just want to make sur
that while they could directly administer the different garages, that we have in front of us, they consider the fact that the added oversight and community relations provided by these organizations are in the best interest of the garage and the city. i think and heard and believe that many of you have heard from the leadership of the union square community about the impact that this organization has had in union square within a part of town that sees some of the most densely traveled and densely parking situations that we have in the city. so, with that, colleagues, ask for your support for this and we will proceed. >> great. i assume, colleagues, that we need a roll call on this. we can have a roll call, madam chair. >> on item 16, supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos no. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. president chiu? chiu aye. supervisor chu? chu no. there are 9 ayes and 2 no's. >> the resolution is adopte
one search? >> i think that run one search. you can use a search key and it will come up with all of the e-mails that are in your general nbox or response to a key word but sometimes i will check other files that i might have in my file management system. >> now, are you actually remembering doing these searches or just saying what you likely would have done. >> that is what i likely would have done. >> where else are e-mails kept within your department? >> i mean, we have, probably 600 full time staff, so there are both, we have a combination of centralized and decentralized. i may not be the subject matter experts and we do have a server which is cap able of being searched and i do believe that in response to this it may not have been as quickly as he would have liked. we did work with the staff to search the server. >> okay. so let's go back to what you do, because i know that you are not the expert but you are the only subject of this particular language in our jurisdiction. >> so you get an e-mail that you deem to be important. do you or can you categorize it in some way or p
force. it was an impressive process and actually an example that any community should use when trying to plan their future. there was a lot to be learned from the western soma task force and hue they went about their business. i know supervisor wiener you have concerns and i am concerned that as you press your concerns you will derail the plan and you will further delay it. while it won't be undone, it really is in a way kind of disrespectful to the hundreds of people who put thousands and thousands of personal hours into this plan to try to get something that is as good as can be. and yet, people will never always be satisfied with this. i think it's a good plan. i hope you adopt it. i hope you adopt it as-is. and i think it will do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. and that is sort of my ethical standard, serving the greatest good for the greatest number of people. thank you. >> thank you, mr. lewis. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to friday and saturday night. you are seeing a representation of the density in and out of the area within the timeline of the top
on market street and we would use market street to make the top class bicycle facility and in a better way then what we could on market street because we don't have rails we have all perpendicular intersections were we would be able to time the signals like we have on van. so in your protected bike lane i don't have to stop. it would make it easier to move for automobiles off of market street. and we still have one of our busiest bus lines. did you have a question? >> before you move on to your final phase of the presentation. just some questions about the 3 options. do you have a sheet which has a relative costs that you could provide to us for the 3 options? and if i'm reading it correctly in comparing the market street options the shared bike assess and the bicycle tracks which requires the curb changes etc. the bicycle track option is approximately a 10 percent more expensive than the shared bike options. am i reading that correctly? >> yeah, that's correct. >> that's actually very encouraging if one were to take the position to take the bicycle path is a good thing. i know with one
as possible and we want to look at how bikes are continuing to use the street. i know that commissioner mar has a certain >> unfortunately, we have to leave to an event. i want to make some opening comments about this task. also to reiterate what our chair has said. the timeline for this project has been detailed. it's not supposed to be proposed in 2017. why was this project continual delayed and how can we fulfill this. a second set of the questions has to do with the questions i asked the board of supervisors to pass. city staff knows asked for the plan around pilot projects and to share as we move forward we're going to continue to 3406 around automobile surrounds. a second set of questions is what in terms of improving projects around the city to go faster. i think we all envilgsz how this improvement around marketed street serial number the bicycles. i want to request that we have questions ever quarter. my experience i bike down market street and take market street almost everyday of the week. we delayed the project. i want to get a sense of timelines. i feel we're experiencing grou
of the bayview where we have heavy industrial uses immediately across the street from single-family homes. the contractor in this case clearly made a calculation that if they needed to share their plans with the neighbors before they began their work, that they likely would have a very different project and certainly a different process. so, this legislation that i'm introducing today will require a neighborhood notification meeting before any building is partially or completely demolished or significantly altered in this area. as our city economy is picking up, we are starting to see entities purchasing these large pdr parcels. so, it is essential we have notice requirements in place to ensure that something like this just doesn't happen again. long gone are the days when just because you're doing work in the southeastern neighborhoods you can get away without reaching out to your neighbors or [speaker not understood] the scope of your permit. supervisor, i'm very diligent and vigilant of these instances as are the constituents i represent and this legislation will ensure that they have
. in my case, peter war field, process used to consider rfid. that was the entire entry for what i had spent three minutes discussing march 4, 2004. i think that mr. herrera's history starts right from the very beginning of this tenure as city librarian, when he set up a so-called technology and privacy advisory committee to look into the question of rfid, the advisebility of rfid installation which people thought was intended to justify it. there, there was initially, no inclusion at all of public comment in the committees meetings it was not strictly required by sunshine. eventually, the public got to comment last. if you look on the website there are no minutes of those meetings as the agendas were published and when the report was finally published, it was arranged that the final report had no mention whatsoever anywhere including in the table of contents that there was a whole section that they had intended to include with public comment and that is no mention there at all. there is a separate document which, of course is very easy not to find. this is a long-standing issue and we
will use much less, thank you very much. >> let me say, first, that i think that you have a communication from the city attorney which pleads my innocence in this case. but i want to put a little background, i was asked to look at my e-mails, and i did look and i responded, i think within 12 hours of being asked but i could not find the e-mails i was looking for. having said that, i wanted to find them. and i believe that they are part of the record. but to set the record straight, when i heard about this session of the common wealth club i have spoken with the club on a number of occasions, i hold them in high esteem and i saw the title of the event that was being planned, and i know that the panelist that are involved in this that put it forward. i have the utmost respect, particularly for katherine howard she is passionate about the golden gate park and i would not diminish her credibility in the least but i felt, and i stated that this was a one-sided, golden gate park under siege. it is under siege to some people and not to the majority but the people who feel passionate about the di
. so, please, think about the fact that there are those of us out here who are trying to find out what our department is doing, and we don't often have the smoking gun we just have an instinct that something is wrong, how are we going to find out? if the people can come back and say that was a category four, is that like hurricanes or something in how are we going to do that if they can do that and the documents there, and we know that it is there and they say that they don't have it and wrote it as an official department, what are we going to do us? help us to get the accountability and that is all that we are asking for. thank you. >> david pill pal again, two preliminary matters first to judy your comment to palestine as a jewish person who helped to separate golden gate park and i am not sure what that means but i will think about. and the comment about the still lake this commission agreed to a settlement agreement for a fine with regard to the communications just to remind you and the public. as to the instant matter, i'm a bit torn, i still think that there is a violation here.
or someone in a wheelchair or using a stroller carrying packages they almost get hit by cars. another thing too. i also brought this up -- leave the bus stops they were put where they are for a reason they should be left alone and the [inaudible] should not be there at all thank you very much. >> thank you any other member of the public would like to comment? agreed. >> thank you. i just had a question i know in the resolution it mentioned that this is a carry over from the previous mou in terms of the amount but in our notes page 17 it says that the amount carried over is -- they are requesting 120 thousand and i just wanted some clarity. >> the 120 thousand is the amount not to exceed i think it covers past work that's already been initiated most of the remaining work the total budget is consistent at 120 thousand. 78 thousand is carried over from the previous -- the new will be completed by 2013 and that's the subject of the update. >> so the 78 thousand -- so an additional -- so that's included in the 120 thousand? >> correct. >> okay thank you. >> okay if no other comments, can we h
we can make that better. they have significantly improved the lighting it used to be a dim lit area and now it is really bright. there is some surveillance cameras there, we are going to be talking with them as far as what kind of staffing they had and then also one of the problems we were dealing with is the cars being able to leave in a timely manner and it is kind of a rubix cube if you have all of these cars tucked in there where you have to get one and there is one in the back and you have to move all of these cars and that could create an issue. that is one thing that we are going to deal with the permit bureau and the loss to see the best fit for everybody. any questions or comments? >> i have a couple of questions. >> so, with regard to the parking lot, the loitering ordinance, the parking lot attendance in that lot are not security. they are parking lot attendants? >> correct. >> if someone is loitering they don't call the police? >> it would not come under the legislation as far as loitering near a nightclub however what they will be able to do it is private property and s
, thanks for keeping us informed of this as this individual poses a serious threat to the habitat or the quality of the area. and i just wanted... >> i have another question for you. do they have speakers outside? on their patio? do they project the music on to the patio during the operating hours? >> they did when or during that one-time. >> but that is one event. >> i mean normally, do they have speakers outside? >> i have some cads here that talk about amplification and some of them are newer than the others. >> do you have speakers on your patio. >> no. >> you have no outside speakers. >> so, i don't know how other people feel. but, conversation, laughing, among people is speech. speech is permitted. if you have two people speaking it is louder than one person, if you have ten people speaking it is louder than two people. and so on and so forth. and there is a... that is created by human speech, however it is protected and it is human speech. if they had amplified speakers on the patio then they are in a clear violation. >> here is a cad from december 13th, 9:36 p.m., the jone
this committee to comment on the goals and ofblgz but there's a certain item we can use in the discretion if you feel that if we're to interview other people out in the public we can do that >> thank you just a point for clarification. when you begin the interview process is anyone - will there be any part of this body that will be allowed to take part in the process? >> yeah. for the potential candidate. >> but also open to this committee and the staff. >> let me clarify the candidates from the short list is by this committee. so we can screen the top candidates. this committee then could conduct the interviews. those interviews would be private? >> yes speaking those would be in closed session for the specific candidate. >> thank you for the clarification. >> and continuing down the schedule we have after the full month recruitment we have another meeting on may 6th and may 13 to interview the top candidates and then on the may meeting we would bring the recommendation to the board to appoint a new executive director and hopefully it will happen on july 1st. questions about some of the
, jennifer maps in the back of the room. thank you all for joining us. it's my honor to introduce two more very partners. we would not be able to move forward here at the port of san francisco without the support of our board of supervisors. and particularly those supervisors whose districts that adjoin our waterfront. it's my honor to work with these two ladies on a regular basis. they are committed to the districts they serve and the broader san francisco. they both come at their jobs from different perspectives. but with the common goal that there something here in san francisco for everyone. and with their guidance and input they help make us great. just like we have the opportunity to do so today. please join me in welcoming supervisor jane kim and supervisor malia cohen from districts six and 10 respecti respectively. [applause] >> good morning. i was reminded this morning as the mayor was announcing different members of the city family that are here, naomi kelly, and those others, the mayor likes to travel with the ladies. but in all honestly it's great to be here. and anchorstein i
join us in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues, we have copies of the january 15th, 2013 board meeting minutes. could i have a motion to approve those anixctionv motion by supervisor campos, seconded by supervisor farrell. without objection, those minutes are approved. madam clerk, any communications? >> i have no communications, mr. president. >> and could you read our consent agenda items 1 through 12? >> mr. president, before doing so, i wanted to present a point of information. this morning our controller mr. rosenfield identified item number 3, the supplemental appropriations specifically the district attorney positions on item number 3 to have originally been rejected by the board and the mayor in the annual budget for the current year. section 3.15 of the administrative code states that when any supplemental appropriation ordinance subsequent to the adoption of the budget for the current year contain
. as of today, mr. nooi man has not been willing to meet with us. >>> comment on this? >> david popel in this instance i think the d p w have met and gone above and beyond to offer to meet with the complainant. it has the back project that was looking for some financial controls. i was also concerned that this particular complaint was addressed to both mr. new rue and was the department head at the time and might also be bifurcated to chapter 3 hearing and it wasn't calendared. you can deal with mr. lee tonight. i don't know if you need to recalendar that as a chapter 3 matter. even if however your intent is to dispose of it, i think you can only dispose of mr. lee tonight. i'm not suggesting we dispose of mr. lee, just the matter. >> i guarantee you are not disopposing of mr. lee. >> was he a department head at the time? >> my understanding was that he was in training, interim department head. this is not a violation. that's why it's under chapter 2. >> okay. mr. lee, are you here speaking for mr. nir u as well. >> i'm speaking for the department. i handle records and public reque
it appear (inaudible) i believe that her words that she used was that she did not want anything given to other members of the public. that you wave. >> bup isn't the waiver so that you can release it just to her? >> once you sign the waiver it could be released to any other member of the public that asks for those records, which is why we require that they sign the waiver. in keeping in line with what the sotf has returned in 07, that is when we started to make that practice. i am sorry mr. gibner were you shaking your head? >> do you have more background on this waiver issue? >> i guess that one fundamental tenant of sunshine and public records is if someone makes a sunshine request and you give the document to that person, you must give it to everyone, so, in a way, this complaint does not really fit in the sunshine box, i think that what the complainant i believe is saying, i wanted records in my personnel file that are personal to me, it is not a sunshine request, it may be that the city can provide those records under other laws, but it does not fit within the sunshine ordinance
francisco. but most importantly, let us dance tonight for those who still need to find the courage to leave abusive relationships and seek help. and i will keep rising and i hope you do, and i will keep demanding. and i will keep dancing until every woman and girl in san francisco can live free and clear of violence. say it with me. i rise. thank you. >> there are so many cases, and many that occur in the world. one out of three will be raped and abused. one billion women dancing is for revolution. and we have men here, thank you. one billion rising is a global call to action. and one billion rising is a celebration. this is how we celebrate the help that all of those women can receive from all of us. we can do something and we can only do it together. right now i am going to introduce janice. she's a missionary. she's an activist. she's a leader and she's a poet. she will read a poem from eve ensler. who started with this movement, she started collecting situations, and experiences. and memories of so many women around the world and she created the vagina monologues, and that led to this.
and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways. >> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that?
to this goes back to one bay area grant program. we are working with the planning department on the land use transportation strategy . the last 3 things we want to highlight 2 are the neighborhood transportation studies. awarded to the authority. the first one is the mobility study this is looking well the vehicle sharing pilot program is one of the recommendations coming out of the study. transportation working group and many city agencies particularly the department of the health and the heel zone initiative we hosted last month a vehicle sharing workshop. to share experiences community run vehicle sharing programs to give that feedback to the bay view community group who identified that as their top priority this group had six meetings our final meeting on march 12th where the final deliverable will be a draft business plan for a vehicle sharing pilot program to seek discretionary grants. on february 13 we have a first public meeting that was very well attended there will be an out research summary on our website short ly the next public event meeting late spring early summer. the
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